Our Mission

Ferris Wheel Press is a stationery lifestyle brand where the whimsical sights, sounds, and nostalgia of the carnival dances with the rat-tat-tat of a traditional print shop. We exist to share our love for printing and stationery, and do so by being creative and artful, deliberately tactile, and deeply personal.

Writing Instruments, Inks, Notebooks

Designed for an elevated everyday lifestyle, our stationery products help dreamers pick up their pen so that the heart and hand can be reacquainted. Our stationery is handmade by the best artisans from around the world for unparalleled fit and finish.

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Personal Event Stationery

Explore our exclusive artist-led collections for your next event. Each collection is designed with joy and love for paper, and crafted in-house with our vintage presses. Contact us for pricing and details

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